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 At Back 2 Fitness Chiropractic Clinic the vast majority of our patients come to us because they have spinal pain. Nearly two thirds of all the people that visit us will have back pain, often accompanied by referred buttock, hip or leg pain. Nearly a third of the people visiting us will have neck pain often accompanied by headache or referred shoulder and arm pain.
As you go through life, a slight loss of proper movement of the bones/joints can interfere with the healthy working of your spine, and the nerves that pass through it. This can lead to pain. Chiropractic treatment, unlike painkilling drugs, treats the cause of pain, not just the pain itself. When you visit the clinic your chiropractor will carry out a full examination (including x-rays if appropriate) and ask you questions about your posture, medical history and lifestyle, to try and discover the cause of your back pain and offer a diagnosis of your complaint.


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