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Reporting Crime in Rustington Village 

The Rustington Chamber of Commerce is calling on all local businesses to report any crime they encounter. It’s been reported that there has been a recent increase in the area, but without data it is hard to gain a view of the true picture. We understand that the time it takes to go through the process is a barrier to notifying of incidents, but we want to encourage you that it is not time wasted. The more data there is on actual events, the more there is that can be done.

Here is a easy step by step guide to reporting crime on line, it doesn’t take long.

Go to https://www.sussex.police.uk/contact-us/report-online/

Click on Report, a crime, incident or something suspicious.

Enter the postcode in the box provided and click on Start.

Click on the relevant type of incident and click Continue.

Complete the information as required, each time you complete a page then click on Continue and this will take you to the next page.

The last page will give you an opportunity to check your report and make any changes.

Once you are happy then click on Submit.

If you prefer to call then ring 101.

If you prefer to report a crime anonymously then there is a link on the Sussex Police page to the Crimestoppers page.

www.crimestoppers-uk.org   Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111

Thank you for your co-operation.


Older News

Re-instatement of the number 12 bus, September 2017

bus graphicsBus image

Compass Travel, Store Property Investments Rustington Parish Council, & Rustington Chamber of Trade & Commerce are happy to announce the re-instatement of the number 12 bus serving Rustington village, Sainsbury’s Rustington and Tesco’s Littlehampton via Worthing Road and also serving Littlehampton Swimming Centre. The bus has been launched for a 6 month trial period. please make sure you use the bus to help ensure its future.

Important Changes to Car Parking in Rustington – from 1st October 2016

Please read this notice we have received from Store Property who own the two main car parks in Rustington. Please note, that the new signs in the car parks state that these arrangements will operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.”The management of the Car Parks in Rustington will be changing from 1st October 2016. Both car parks are owned by Store Property and have always provided free car parking to shoppers. Arun District Council have managed them very well on our behalf for many years but technology has moved on and we are implementing an automatic number plate recognition system which will link both car parks. Both will offer 3 hours free car parking with no return to either within 2 hours.

New signage will be installed clearly explaining the system which will be managed by TPS Ltd on our behalf. To summarise there will be two options for everyone entering either car park: For shoppers wishing to park, shop and leave within 3 hours there is no need to do anything. The cameras will record the entry and exit and no ticket or disc is needed. For shoppers or anyone else wishing to stay longer than 3 hours and up to 12 hours, there is a single flat rate fee of £10. This will be payable by phone and clear instructions will be provided in both car parks.

Both Churchill Car park (behind Iceland) and Broadmark Car Park (behind Waitrose) will be linked to prevent cars moving between the two to avoid charges. The rules will prevent a return to either car park within 2 hours of exiting one or other of the car parks.

The new system will make parking simpler and ensure more spaces are available for shoppers to use, which was always the intention for these car parks. Any revenue generated will assist in the ongoing investment to the car parks which have both won Park Mark Awards regularly in recent years. We believe they are a real benefit to the Centre, for both Traders and Shoppers, and we are committed to maintaining them in excellent condition whilst keeping them free to use.

The car spaces in front of the shops will continue to offer 1 hour free car parking and will still be managed by Arun District Council.”


Promoting Rustington as a place to shop, work and relax

The Chamber is currently part of a major project to promote Rustington alongside the Rustington Parish Council.  Rustington Parish Council will receive £20,000 per year for the next 5 years as a ‘Section 106 payment’ that has accumulated by the planning approval given to the A259 development.  The Chamber has a say in where this money will be spent.